The War On Terror is far from over and we must finish it to the end, says a national security expert. According to K.T. McFarland,  a FOX National Security Analyst, we Americans don't do well with the long term. We have short attention spans, according to the rest of the world. We like our wars to be quick, decisive and victorious. That is why all the more we must persevere in the War On Terror.

McFarland, who served as a national security analyst for Nixon, Ford and Reagan (and hosts a feature on Fox News, says if the war is over, then why do we have to do a "strip-tease" when going through airports? Why do police tell us to report any piece of unclaimed luggage or a random backpack sitting on a bench? If, as President Obama declared, the War On Terror is over with the death of Osama bin Laden, then why can't we go back to the way things were before 9/11? We celebrate the anniversary of 9/11 because we know the war is NOT over.

McFarland says this war is unlike any other we have fought. It's an ongoing battle against an enemy who views war as the 'normal' state of affairs. The terorrists, who may have been diminished in the Middle East and weakened in numerous areas, have resurfaced in Africa and other places. McFarland says the sooner we realize these enemies will never stop, the sooner we will realize this is a fight to the finish.

She goes onto say there are many things we also need to do domestically, such as rebuilding our economy, re-establishing our place as the leader of the free world and "leading from the front." She cautions against a world-wide community where the U.S. is shackled by rules set by international committees and not ourselves. What are your thoughts? Do you think the War On Terror is over? Take our poll.


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