Peak Inside This Picture Perfect Airbnb In Prosser Washington

I'm ready for a vacation but I don't want to travel far and I came across this perfect little piece of paradise right here in our Tri-Cities backyard.


Getaway From The Tri-Cities And Head To This Top Rated Airbnb In Prosser WA

I've often talked about my time living in Prosser and it was truly a cool place to live. We now live in Kennewick but there are moments that I miss the Prosser place.

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If you like the countryside, here is a perfect little staycation getaway that you might enjoy. It's a Prosser Washington farmhouse on Airbnb that's highly recommended.

The Airbnb super host Micheal describes the property as such:

Discover beauty and serenity at this river front classic farm house built in 1925. Perfectly nestled amidst a host of mature pine and walnut trees, alive with squirrels and flitting birds, the home even has its own path winding down to a private beach along the river. Enjoy beautiful sunsets over the river with a glass of local wine while reclining on the open patio. Much work has gone into diligenty preserving the original nostalgia of the home while updating to modern comforts and amenities.

It looks pretty amazing so let's take a peek inside shall we?

Staycation Perfection - Prosser Washington's Best Farmhouse Airbnb

Take a mini-vacay with the perfect staycation getaway – A beautiful farmhouse Airbnb in Prosser Washington!

As you can see, it's an awesome property worth checking out. I love these old farmhouses and the views along the Yakima River are pretty neat from an Airbnb rental.

If you are thinking of sneaking away for some rest and relaxation, you might as well check out this neat Prosser property here.

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