One of the questions continually asked, and debated is, who is fueling the protests on Wall Street, and others that have spread to communities across the country.

Food, medical care, clothing, and other logistical support is being provided to protestors in New York, Seattle, and other major cities.  It's not free, and many are wondering who is supporting the protests, as well as who thought it up.

George Soros, the "investment banker" who popped up among the 10 wealthiest people in the world recently, is a name that keeps being brought up.  Soros and the protestors keep denying any involvement.  But there is direct financial activity and support from Soros that went to a Canadian group Adbusters. They are an anti-capitalist group who sparked the initial protests by wanting to create an "Arab Spring" type of uprising against Wall Street.

Soros has long contributed to liberal financial causes, and pressed the Obama Administration to nationalize the US Banking system...all the while he makes billions of dollars from scooping up and capitalizing on investments. Soros denies involvement in many liberal fronts, but the money is relatively easy to trace from him to various front groups that then funnel money to other causes, including the protestors. It is interesting that a man who earned his wealth through the capitalist system, is working so hard to try to bring it down. Ultimately, he has his own financial wealth as his only concern, and it shows by how the protestors are being pawned as useful idiots.

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