Far from being a respected, intelligent, thoughtful protest against Wall Street or the American Financial system, the Occupy Wall Street movement has quickly become a hedonistic joke.

Unlike many of the US Journalism outfits, the British Press are not afraid to paint the real picture of what the Occupy Wall Street movement actually turned into.  Even Mayor Michael Bloomberg has turned against the useful idiots, claiming they are taking jobs away from New Yorkers.  Far from a real protest attempting to voice opinions about the American Fianancial System, Occupy is now filled with drugs, partying, music, sex etc.  Even artists are now now descending upon the area to sketch and paint the images.  Even criminals are crashing the party, as reported by the New York Media. Apparently dozens, if not hundreds, of suspected criminals are hiding in the crowds camped out in New York, seeking drugs and sanctuary among the thousands.   Fueled by SEIU and other union money, as well as liberal groups providing food, clothing, even health care,  one camper claimed he ate better there than at home with his parents.  Occupy Wall Street has become a joke, a far cry from what organizers were hoping it would be-a disruptive protest aimed at hurting the American financial system in New York. Instead, it's become a financial version of Woodstock.

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