While some seem compelled to sit around on Wall Street, we're actually doing something to put cash in YOUR Pocket!

Be listening to Newstalk 870 closely, watching here at newstalk870.am and our facebook page, for the Wall Street Payday.... Win your share of thousands of dollars in cold hard beautiful cash...only from Newstalk 870...KFLD.  Listen For the Cue To Call All November.  When you hear the cue to call, dial up 1-877-854-WINS (9467), be the 25th caller, and you win $1,000 mon, tues, wed, and fri.  Thursdays, we up the ante to $10,000!   And if you're a Newstalk Newsmember VIP, there's an additional drawing for cash at the end of the month...be listening for the Cue To Call monday thru Friday!

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