Despite the arrest of more than 700 protestors in the last week,  organizers continue to put together Wall Street Protests, lashing out against those they feel are destroying the US economy. But if you listen to NYPD officers assigned to the "events" it's really otherwise.

Michael Moore, the uber-rich filmmaker, has been insturmental in ginning up the protests, as has the social site Occupy Wall Street.  Moore asked organizers if 'we can learn a few new tricks' when it comes to attempting to disrupt the trading in New York.  However, police officers assigned to protect the trading center have noted, as have many other critics, these protests are fueled by Obama's constant class warfare against the rich.  Every time he delivers speeches it seems, he cannot stay away from his tax pledges to attempt to get the rich "to pay their fair share."  While the White House denies playing any role in Occupy Wall Street, the constant barrage of messages delivered by the President about taxes no doubt have an effect on some who are frustrated by their financial position.  These protestors think they are making a difference, but like many who think they are doing the right thing, they are simply being, as Glenn Beck would say, used as "useful idiots" .

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