Carfentanil is a drug that's considered 100 times more potent that it's chemcial derivative Fentanyl, and that's why this bust is considered significant.

December 27th Kennewick Police responded to the Comfort Inn and Suites on Plaza Way, for a report of people using drugs in one of the rooms.

31-year-old Jeremy Barwick was one of the suspects, he tried to run but was apprehended. A vehicle linked to him was located and impounded for investigative purposes.

Wednesday January 6th Police announced they had confiscated about 1000 suspected carfentanil pills, along with smaller amounts of other drugs were seized as well as U.S. currency.

Police say they are seeing increased use of Carfentanil by dealers as a way to up the impact of heroin, and even Fentanyl. If misused, it is easy to overdose on. Carfentanil was first derived in 1974 from Fentanyl, and intended to be used to anaesthatize large animals; such as elephants.

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