Tuesday, July 7th, at 5:30 the Council will meet at city hall to discuss a proposed resolution by Councilman John Trumbo.

The resolution is officially called the "Freedom of Conscience Resolution," and is designed to show support for Richland florist Baronnelle  Stutzman who owns Arlene's Flowers.

Stutzman has been sued by the State and ACLU for refusing to supply floral services for a same-sex wedding to a longtime customer due to her religious beliefs.  A Benton County judge ruled she violated the Consumer Protection Act, and she was fined $1 plus court costs of $1,000.

Trumbo called upon the cities elected leaders to ask AG Bob Ferguson to drop the suit against Stutzman. Councilman Bob Parks has also urged the council to take action on the measure. The resolution is based upon one that has been drawn up by the conservative Family Policy Institute, who support religious freedoms, traditional family values and other conservative causes.

The FPI hopes to use the resolution to provide business owners and others the protection to exercise their religious faith when it comes to running their company.

The public is invited to attend the meeting Tuesday night at the council chambers at City Hall, 210 West 6th in downtown Kennewick.

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