Officials are searching surrounding storm drains and pipes to find the source of a sinkhole that opened up at the intersection of 11th Place and Newport Streets Tuesday.

The hole initially appeared in the pavement,  and didn't seem overly large. But when crews pulled away the asphalt and looked inside, they found a much larger crater. It was at least 4-5 feet across and 3-4 feet deep at least. It was adjacent to a manhole drain in the middle of the road.

City crews examined the area to determine what may have cause the erosion and sinkhole, but were not sure. The hole was filled and paved over, to neighborhood residents can still use the road.

Crews and engineers will continue to examine the drain and surrounding storm system to see if any other weaknesses are present in the are that would cause future problems. The fill and paving are temporary until officials can make sure the area is completely stable.

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