Often, police chiefs are busy with a LOT of administrative and oversight duties, but that didn't keep Kennewick's Chief from busting two JC Penney thieves.

Chief Ken Hohenberg was in a police vehicle Wednesday when he heard the call go out about two subjects who reportedly stole numerous clothing items from the store at Columbia Center.  A vehicle description was given by the dispatcher. Shortly thereafter, Hohenberg spotted the car, as he'd headed in the last known direction they were traveling.

He pulled them over, and arrested Jorge Hernandez and Daelyn Polina. The two are not from the Tri-Cities, their hometown was not revealed, but apparently decided to shoplift and were reportedly on way out of town.

They were caught in the car wearing what police said were multiple layer after layer of shoplifted clothing. They're in the Benton County jail on multiple theft charges, and Hohenberg had the satisfaction of adding a nice arrest to his long list of duties and responsibilities.

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