Municipal police and Multnomah and Clackamas county leaders are scratching their heads after dozens of residents reported "Join the Klan to Save Our Land" fliers being placed on their doors and driveways this week.

Police estimate hundreds of fliers were disseminated, and are reminding the public it is legal speech.

The neighborhoods were diverse and by no means "all white." Although none were distributed in predominantly minority neighborhoods.

The fliers were inoffensive, unprovocative and really cheaply produced. At first city leaders and law enforcement assumed it was a joke. But the fliers placed in driveways were inserted in plastic bags with jelly beans for added weight so they'd be easy to throw from a passing vehicle. No one would print hundreds of fliers, hundreds of plastic bags and the jelly beans, go the work of assembly, and then visit dozens of neighborhoods for delivery just as a prank.

So there's that.

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