BCSO arrest (BCSO)
BCSO arrest (BCSO)

Benton County Deputies were able to locate and arrest a wanted suspect out of Klickitat County, along  with another suspect.

   The man was wanted on multiple felony charges

Friday, July 5th, the charges were issued by Klickitat County (Ellensburg) for the suspect who was wanted on felony weapons possession, drive-by shooting and and 1st degree assault. He also had an outstanding DOC (Department of Corrections) warrant.

Less than 3 hours after the warrant was issued, the BCSO Pro-ACT Team located the suspect's vehicle, which is seen at the Motel 6 near Columbia Center North.


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BCSO says a drone was used to clear the room, and then the arrests were made. According to the BCSO:

"The suspect was arrested for the alleged charges. A second male was also arrested for having escaped community custody through DOC, and he, too, was found with a firearm on his person. The second male was booked on new charges (Felon in possession of a gun)."

The vehicle has been impounded pending a search warrant.

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