According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as of Thursday afternoon March 19, COVID-19 figures stand at these levels:

  • WA state--2nd in US with 1187 confirmed cases
  • New York has surpassed us with 4597 confirmed.
  • Oregon has only 75 confirmed cases
  • CA has 652 confirmed

However, some of the data IS influenced by the speed of tests, and the number of people who have been tested. Certain states that serve as major ports of entry, such as WA and CA to Asia, and New York, are likely to have more from the onset. Reports indicate some of the upswing in New York numbers are due to considerable acceleration of testing. The same for Oregon, reports claim they are lagging behind in testing a bit.

One significant change is that now every state has reported cases, including previous "virus free" Montana, Missouri, North Dakota and Wyoming. Their positive confirmed as in the single or low teen digits.

For the latest data to see for yourself at the CDC site, click on the button below.

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