Portland OR police have arrested five people in the last two weeks in what officials are calling a possible new 'Occupy trend'.

Officials say the five people were arrested for squatting, or unlawfully 'moving into and living in'  2 separate unoccupied homes.   Squatting is nothing new; transients, drug addicts and criminals have done it for years.  But based upon literature and information found in the two homes,  it appears that fringe elements of the Occupy Movement are now exploring occupying empty homes as part of their protest movement.   Due to the real estate "crisis"  significantly higher numbers of homes are empty in a numerous cities across the Northwest and United States.

   In the Portland homes,  police found anarchist literature,  information about picking locks,  Occupy Movement information.  They also found notes about other empty homes in the Portland area,  and handwritten notes that seemed to indicate the squatters had researched other properties and were potentially targeting the homeowners.  In one of the two homes raided, the occupant had been hostpitalized, the home was empty, and they moved in.

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