State legislators on both sides of the aisle are already saying one of Gov. Inslee's proposed projects is not likely to pass.

Inslee recently outlined his agenda for the legislature which kicks off January 13, and one of his big projects was to spend $300 million from state reserves to build housing that would hold about 2100 homeless people, most of them in King County.

While some legislators applauded his motive, most agree he will not get the votes necessary to make it pass. Even Democratic legislators, as well as Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig, say there won't be enough votes to pass it.  Legislators are very wary about burning up the state's reserves, unless it's an absolute dire emergency.

Critics say Inslee's plan is similar to Gov. Gavin Newsome's plan in CA. Newsome plans to ask the state for over a billion dollars for homeless housing, but critics say neither idea addresses the root causes of the growing problem.

Seattle's homeless situation was created in large because a few years ago some former and current city leaders openly welcomed people to come to the city, even camping out on the streets.  Lack of legal enforcement by handcuffing police when it comes to making arrests for crimes committed by street people have cause the problem to grow.

It was part of Seattle's 'sanctuary' policies that have led to homeless issues that are now spreading to surrounding areas of King County.

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