Bike thief drops cellphone near crime scene (Walla Walla police)

It's been four days since the crime, and apparently the suspect is keeping 'radio' or at least cellphone silence.  Probably because he dropped his as he was stealing a bike from the rack at the Walla Walla Library!

Police report they really want to speak with him, especially Officer Loudermilk who is handling the case. The young suspect, a teen, was spotted stealing the expensive bike from the rack at the library June 9. But as he was fleeing the scene being chased by the owner, the perp dropped his phone.

He may have gotten the bike, but the police has his phone. Apparently they're hoping he will come in, turn himself in, to claim it before they likely use the data on the phone to find out where he lives. Somebody's going to need to make a trip to the cellphone store!