To support the local food banks, Abadan (a local family-owned printer and copier company), raised money during its recent sales blitz. Aug. 6-8, members of the Abadan team dropped in on a number of businesses in our community and in exchange for a few minutes talking about printing and copying needs, Abadan promised to donate $5 to the food bank.The Abadan team visited 283 businesses in the Tri-Cities and were able to donate $1,415 to the Tri-Cities Food Bank!

Abadan wanted to donate the money to a non-profit organization that has a big impact.

“There are many agencies and groups that do so much for our area,” said Tyler Best, the vice president and general manager of Abadan. “The Tri-Cities Food Bank is working on the front lines to help end hunger in our neighborhoods. Our company wants to be a part of the communities we work in and we want to do our part to help them prosper.”

Abadan has included a sales blitz with a fundraising aspect five times previously, with $33,715 total benefiting regional food banks and health centers. A blitz and fundraiser is planned in Yakima in November.