Currently Benton and Franklin Counties, as well as Walla Wall, do not honor ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) detainers concerning illegal immigrants, but if an executive order comes down from President Trump they will honor  it, at least in Benton County.

According to KEPR-TV,  Benton, Franklin, Walla Walla and Yakima Counties are considered sanctuary, according to sources.

Wednesday, Trumps Executive Order was designed to prepare agencies and counties and cities to ready themselves for further action. According to KEPR, part of the executive order seeks to end sanctuary cities, where cities or municipalities openly refuse to cooperate with federal agencies seeking to apprehend illegals.

Benton County Sheriff's officials confirmed they currently do not honor ICE detainers, but did say whatever changes come from the federal government they will honor it. Local law enforcement officers say they treat everyone the same, rendering service, assistance, and protection (answering calls, safety) regardless of their backround. That's their first priority.

Cities like Seattle are far more likely to lose federal funding than we are, because they actively pursue and have passed policies specifically designed to go against ICE and federal efforts to apprehend illegals-whether they're wanted for criminal activity or not.  Our counties are nowhere near those actions. Cities that are openly defiant are the ones likely to be targeted.

More developments are expected in the near future, even next week.

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