(WA State DOL)
(WA State DOL)

When you consider the potential fraudulent and even criminal uses for a fake ID or driver's license, these crimes are alarming. It's not just a US-Mexico border issue, they're found all over the country.

  US Customs and Border Patrol nabs another huge shipment

  According to the CPB, they have seized an astounding 7,789 fake driver's licenses at various locations across the US in just the past 14 days.

The most recent reported bust came out of Louisville, KY on Wednesday, Oct. 26th.

CPB agents in Louisville were able to search two shipments that they learned were coming to the US from Hong Kong. CPB, of course, didn't reveal its sources.

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But inside the boxes were 2,857 fake licenses, and 1,565 in the other box. The fake licenses, according to CPB, were for people in a number of states:

"The counterfeit licenses seized were for several states including California, Ohio, Georgia, Connecticut, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa, and Michigan. Most were for college-age students, and some licenses would share the same picture but have a different name."

Louisville Port Director Thomas Mann said, via the CPB, that college-age fake ID's are not just to allow under-age kids to possibly drink, but have far more serious consequences:

“Many of these licenses can and would be used to defraud government benefit programs, commit credit fraud by using a false identity, or carry out consumer fraud." 

CBP did not elaborate on how these licenses were originated for the people whose ID was on them.

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