Oh, it just had to happen this week! Several homes sustained flooding.

Around 8pm Monday night, the Kennewick Irrigation District reported a breach in the main feeder canal near 13th Ave, south of Columbia Center Blvd in Kennewick. The feeder is one of a handful of major canals that bring water from the Yakima to the other pumps and distribute throughout the district.

Some early reports indicated area residents were possibly being evacuated, but those were not confirmed. Crews were able to control the breach, but now the vast majority of KID customers will be without water for at least a day or two.

However, several reports from neighborhood residents confirmed at least a few homes were flooded, and some had to leave for a short time. One home was said to have a flooded basement.

The coverage map shows in RED the outages, and it's a big chunk.

KID water outage map (KID)
KID water outage map (KID)

The crews had to work overnight to drain the canal, then they will have to repair it, then it will take the better part of a day to refill.

For additional information you can log onto the KID website.

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