A 50-year-old Moxee man is in custody after authorities say he crashed his truck, while trying to run over his wife.

The man, who's identity was not revealed, tried to run over his wife near their home on Mt. Hood Road in the small community.

Neighbors said it was disturbing, as the man had reportedly been cutting his chest and other body parts with a razor, telling police to shoot him!

The man tried to run over his estranged wife, he missed her, but hit a number of cars in the process. He also has a sword with him. He was finally able to be convinced to drop his weapons and surrender.  He was then sedated and taken by ambulance to an area hospital, he will then be booked in jail, according to KNDU-TV.

Sheriff's deputies got him to drop his weapons by shooting him with a non-lethal shotgun, firing bean bag projectiles.

Officials did not say if he will receive psychiatric evaluation. His estranged wife was said to be distraught but ok.