A Bothell, WA  asbestos removal contractor will spend 105 days in jail and pay over $13K to defrauded customers.

  The contractor was decertified four years ago but kept performing services

Derrick Boss, the owner of Above and Beyond Asbestos Removal of Bothell, was charged by the State Attorney General's office after complaints were filed against him over his business practices. The AG's office filed the charges in February 2022.

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According to the Attorney General's Office:

"Boss’s criminal conduct included operating his business without a license, forging his former partner’s signature on asbestos abatement certification documents, and exposing his workers — including his own son — to asbestos without adequate protective equipment."

The information release went on to say:

"One man in Burien contracted with Boss’s company last year to remove asbestos-contaminated flooring at his property. He paid $4,500 cash in advance for the service. L&I inspectors found that the work on his property was being done by Boss’s son, who was not certified to be an asbestos worker at the time — a violation of the state Clean Air Act, which requires asbestos abatement workers to be trained and certified."

His company was decertified by Labor and Industries in 2018, but he continued to practice and perform services. The AG's office says Boss used the name of his girlfriend with whom he had founded the company even after she left for another job, and she'd requested she take her name off his licenses. He forged her signature, or copied it repeatedly, because he could not sign off on legal cleanup efforts on his own.


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