It was a good thing the driver was paying attention, and the man woke up after taking a fall.

Shortly after 7am Friday morning, a man who was sleeping in a dumpster at the Lifecare Center at 1508 West 7th. in Kennewick ended up in the "business" end of a Waste Management disposal truck!

Justin Neiman, whose age and hometown were not listed by authorities, was apparently asleep in the large dumpster outside the facility when it was emptied by Waste Management.  Fortunately, the driver was paying attention and saw in his rear-view mirrors what appeared to be a person lying in the trash.

Neiman then apparently awoke, jumped out of the truck, and had a verbal argument wit the driver.   He argued that since the warning signs on the dumpster didn't say "no trespassing" he was allowed to sleep there.

Police were called, and an ambulance, as Neiman sustained undisclosed injuries after falling at least 10 feet from the dumpster to the floor of the garbage truck's trash bin.

He was cited for trespassing before being released to the paramedics for treatment.

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