Authorities are still looking at how human remains ended up inside a recycling bin in the city's Central District. According to the Seattle Times, the three parts included a foot. What the other two were was not disclosed.

Seattle Homicide Investigation officers said according to recycling schedules, the bin would have been collected on Friday, so the parts would have been dropped in there sometime Friday night or early Saturday. The home is located near East Pine and 21st. Street.

Police said they'd never seen anything like that, and from the evidence collected so far, they do NOT believe any criminal activity took place at the site of the bin, or in that neighborhood. But residents are still shook up from the grisly discovery.

The homeowner found the parts around 4pm Saturday, Seattle police described the body parts as "fresh," meaning they were recently separated from somebody. Now, they're trying to figure out who and how. No other items were found in any other bins or dumpsters in the area.


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