This just in--for all of you hoarding, preparing, and panicking over the predictions of the Mayan Calendar, whoops!

The Journal Science is now reporting experts have discovered additional writings and calculations done by the Mayan calendar writers that clearly indicate a future that extends well beyond 2012.

 The Mayans used the calendars filled with astronomy data to track movements of the stars and planets that could be seen, to help keep track of their religious ceremonies and events.  Experts call it "astronomy driven by religion."  The new findings indicate extension of the calendar that certainly suggest earlier predictions the world would end in 2012 were not accurate.

  Much has been made of the initial discovery of the calendar, that indicated the world as we know it would end this December.  Whether it was done for fun, humor or sincere belief, the Mayan calendar has been the subject of much discussion,  the theme of tv commercials, and even a movie.  Now, it appears a lot of people are looking rather silly.