If you were to listen to the 'media' and those on TV, you would think the woman who openly mocked Mitt Romney supporters during the last Presidential election was the greatest entertainer of all time.  But the general public thought otherwise.

Perhaps Beyonce's performance did upstage Coldplay during the Super Bowl 50 halftime show. But the general consensus from much of social media was that Bruno Mars stole the show.

From and ESPN social media reporter, to the Tri-City Herald, these media types were saying everything from her 'saving' the show, to upstaging the other entertainers.

We didn't see anything special. If you enjoy watching a physically fit woman gyrate her hips like a pole dancer, than Beyonce's gig was for you. But she hasn't had a hit anywhere close in the last five years go Mars' infectuous Uptown Funk, and his choreography was much cooler, and slicker.

Beyonce may be huge with young women and teens. But mature adults probably still recall her infamous dissing of Mitt Romney after the most recent Presidential election when she Tweeted "Take That Mitches!" making obvious reference to the "B" word over her and her husband Jay-Z's support of Obama. The Tweet was taken down the next day, but for weeks her people were doing some serious damage control.

Coldplay with Chris Martin are never going to try to match those antics, but their performance was solid. But it's almost eerie the way media types were falling all over Beyonce, repeating the same talking points. It's almost as if...they were paid to do it.

That may sound conspiritorial,  but it certainly rings true, such as this article review from USA Today.

The Tri-City Herald ran a story that was met with blistering comments from readers and posters. But it was what is called a 'wire story," meaning it's a national piece picked up and run by the paper, adding to the national gushing over her gyrating all over the stage.  Here are some of the dozens of comments made by local readers (names omitted for privacy):

 " Lady Gaga's performance was stellar. Halftime was saved by Bruno Mars. Otherwise, it wasn't worth watching.

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  Lady Gaga was fabulous with the national anthem, the game was fair at best and the halftime show was one of the worst ever, very disappointing 50th game overall

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 I wish I could have that time back. Bruno was the only saving grace of the show. That was the best they could do for the 50th?
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 Beyoncé did NOT save the show! They all performed well as a team. Get over yourselves TriCity Herald! You are bad critics!
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IMO Beyoncé ruined it...Coldplay & Bruno killed it. Loved hearing/watching them. Leave Beyoncé home next time"
 From Fox to ESPN and other social media websites, similar comments were posted by the thousands. We also noticed the fact that the first ad after the halftime show was over was shilling for Beyonce's upcoming new world tour...talk about product placement.
  The media may have loved her, but the general population was less than impressed.

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