Perhaps you've noticed the last few days ads popping up on your Facebook or other social media feeds, from various companies who appear to be seeking medical professionals, including registered nurses.

We saw one from Kadlec, who indicated they are looking to hire registered nurses,


We also saw one targeting Oregon workers, in fact, this ad claimed of possible pending nurses strikes.



The reason for these?  It's closely tied to recent vaccine mandates handed down by Oregon and Washington. Gov. Inslee is forcing medical workers to show proof of vaccination by October 18th, Gov. Brown in Oregon has put out a similar mandate.

It's no secret the workers, especially nurses, are basically being threatened with termination. In fact, even some headlines are saying this. KUOW, the University of WA public radio station, ran a story on this a week ago, proclaiming workers face "vaccination or termination.

   Why the Push for Medical Workers Now?

Some of these medical companies and healthcare providers are doing it themselves, other ads are from employment services that locate workers for these firms. It's no secret these medical providers anticipate some sort of worker loss due to the mandates. Rumors of strikes are buzzing around in Oregon, especially since the Oregon Nurses Association has said they are not going to support mandates.

  The Washington Nurses Association issued a statement that really didn't say anything, except that nurses are free to participate in events protesting such mandates or other policies. But they cautioned these cannot be on or 'near' campuses of healthcare providers who are contracted with the WSNA, or workers could risk their jobs.

And finally, the nurses unions, including SEIU, issued this statement that, while not condemning vaccine mandates, made it very clear they're not in favor of them.

As we draw closer to October, it will be interesting to see what impact these mandates have on the medical provider workforce in the Pacific Northwest, especially with Inslee's threat to fire those who do not comply.



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