The Eltopia branch of the Mid Columbia Library has been closed, due to lack of use and expenses, according to library officials.

Because of budget priorities, and  what the library said was low use, the Merrill's Corner branch in Eltopia is being closed.   The Mid Columbia library said the area will still be served by the book mobile twice monthly.  But some patrons are upset, because while it was small, the Eltopia location still had more books, and public internet access.  They also point out it will make it harder for students to access resources, now they will have to head to Pasco or Kennewick.   The $50,000 saved by the closing will be used towards the new branch being opened in West Pasco. According to library data, the Eltopia branch had about 125 active users; but opponents who protested the closing presented library officials with a petition containing 275 signatures.  Officials said they sympathized with the citizens, but have to look out for the overall system, and use the available money in the most responsible manner.  The Mid Columbia Library system has ten branches, in Pasco, Kennewick, Basin City, Benton City, Connell,  Othello, Prosser and West Richland.

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