A 33-year-old man has been missing since April 26th, according to his family, and they believe he's met with foul play. But authorities cannot find any trace of him or a body.

Gabriel Ledezma-Rodriguez went missing after rumors began about a man reportedly being killed in the 1500 block of East Alder in Walla Walla.

Their search eventually led to his family, who reported he's been missing since April. He apparently worked a series of labor jobs in the area, but family and friends are not completely sure who he spent time with, making the search more difficult.

Our news partner KNDU-TV received tips and information May 4th that Walla Walla police were raiding a home near the 7-11 Store on Alder street. Witnesses reported seeing a large bag, perhaps a body bag, being taken from the home, which was believed to be a drug house. However, authorities didn't say if any connection was between that home and Rodriguez' disappearance.


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