Currently, Oregon residents are allowed to grow up to four pot plants at home, possess up to 8 ounces in their home, and carry up to one ounce of the drug. This vote, coming in November, will decide if the city will lift it's ban on pot-related businesses.

The Milton-Freewater City Council will put a measure on the November 8th ballot that if passed, will lift the city's previous ban on such businesses. Last December the council voted against changing city ordinances to allow state pot stores.

If the vote passes, and the ban is lifted, the city would place a 3% tax on pot sales, according to our news partner KNDU-TV.

Some view this as a 'ceremonial' gesture, as the previously mentioned Oregon law allows citizens their own pot "in house." But supporters of the proposal say legalizing pot stores would provide a much needed source of tax revenue for the city. They also say it would provide a source of pot for those who do not want, or cannot afford to, grow their own.

Oregon's law differs from Washington's by allowing very limited personal home growth of the drug-the four plants per household.  WA law allows possession, but no personal home growth, unless the person is a certified Medical Marijuana patient.

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