Whoever did this will be in serious trouble with the FCC, but it's hilarious!

On Monday, Montana television station KRTV in Great Falls began airing what sounded like a legitimate Emergency Alert System warning about bodies of the dead and zombies rising from the ground!

Somebody hacked into the station's alert system (and probably their master control) and aired the fake alert. It was accompanied by a brief "crawler," or moving message, across the top of the screen. The audio lasted about 30-33 seconds before a programmer saw what was happening and shut it off.

Cordillera Communications owns KRTV and issued a statement saying the alert did NOT come from inside the facility. They are looking into who and how someone was able to get inside the control center. At least four calls about the message were made to Great Falls police. Inside Radio did not say if police or authorities have any leads.

You can watch this clip that displays the actual event:


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