Greater Idaho movement (Greater Idaho movement)
Greater Idaho movement (Greater Idaho movement)

There was not a lot of reporting about it, but now another county has joined the Greater Idaho Movement.

  Morrow County voters approve joining Idaho

Actually, two more counties have, on Tuesday, approved moving the border with Idaho to include them in the Gem State. The Greater Idaho Movement began some time ago, fell off, then was renewed over the last year or two.

Unlike efforts to split Washington state down the Cascades, the Greater Idaho Movement has actually won local approval in 11 of Oregon's 15 eastern counties.

Morrow and Wheeler Counties became the latest to approve, on the ballot, petitioning the Oregon legislature to allow the move. Wallowa County is the next one slated to let voters decide.

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The Greater Idaho website has a map showing how it would look, if this indeed happens.

According to the website:

"County clerks have refused to allow the movement to gather signatures in Crook and Gilliam counties, and county commissioners in Crook, Gilliam, and Umatilla counties have not yet agreed to put an advisory question regarding the issue on the ballot."

The goal of the movement is, according to the website:

"The movement seeks to get a resolution passed in the next sessions of both state legislatures that would invite discussions between state leaders on moving the border."

Greater Idaho Movement officials say regardless of who is elected governor, they will continue to push for the eventual changing of the border to allow these counties to join Idaho. They say it's a culmination of years of a lack of representation, even misrepresentation in the capitol for Eastern Oregon residents.

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