Shortly before 11am Tuesday,  a gas meter on the side of the Columbia Industries building at 900 South Dayton  was hit by a motorcyclist, setting off a gas leak.

No one was injured, but residents in a three block area - including Coumbia Industries - were evacuated.   Cascade Natural Gas was contacted to repair the leak.

Traffic was re-routed at 6th and 8th Streets and Dayton, as well as around 8th and Auburn.   Children at the YMCA Daycare Center were sent to Kennewick High as a precaution.

The motorcycle triggered a leak in what Kennewick Fire Fighters said was a high pressure gas line.   A cloud of gas about 20-30 wide hovered above the building for a while, then dissipated.

As of this posting,  the line has been turned off,  crews used a jackhammer to drill down and turn off the line, so it can then be repaired at the meter.   Area residents are being notified when they can return to their homes or area businesses.

Emergency crews said there's no way to measure how much gas was released, but there were no reported injuries.

Columbia Industries
Columbia Industries (Google street view)