MSNBC Commentator and progressive talk show host Ed Schultz has been taken to task by Bill O'Reilly about taking a lot of union money.

While Schultz is a progressive talk show host and in doing so can do whatever he wants financially,  word has come out that he took $200,000 from the AFL-CIO while doing stories favorable to unions on his segments on MSNBC.   While some argue that if he took the money and gave it to charity, and was up front with it on television, no problem.   Schultz did use half of it to donate to the American Cancer Society, but half of it is still unaccounted for.

   Other critics argue that regardless of what he did with it,  by him not disclosing publicly,  it seriously threatens his credibility.  Apparently he did not violate NBC News guidelines in accepting the money.  Watch as O'Reilly and Fox News Commentator Bernie Goldberg discuss the ethics of this issue.

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