It's getting closer and closer to Halloween and it looks like someone is getting into the spirit a little early. 

It's like a Walking Dead episode for some folks in Kennewick.

I'm on the NextDoor app and one person posted a video of the unusual sight on their walk.

credit: nextdoor app
credit: nextdoor app


The severed heads in question appear to be beauty school head mannequins put on wooden spikes out in a field in Kennewick. It does make for a ghastly sight!

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You can spot the heads on their spikes near Cottonwood Elementary out on Cottonwood Creek Blvd in Kennewick if you want to drive by and check them out.

It appears that someone was just having good fun as the lot is empty and a house is currently being built on by construction workers.

I can only imagine what it looks like at night if you are out driving or walking near the field at night, I'm sure it's scared a few people.

The funny thing is that if you've been on a haunted attraction ride and when they bring up the lights, things are never how they appear.

If you get a chance, go take a look at the craziness before it's gone. Kudos to the creative folks who are kicking off Halloween a little early - you made our day!

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