Maybe a sign of the times? The website "" seeks to catch thugs who vandalize signs -- any signs, not just political ones.So far, efforts to pinpoint the person behind the website have been futile but some weeks ago print shops around southwest Washington State began receiving orders from an anonymous person wanting signs printed up about the website. reminds people that under most municipal laws political (and other) signs are considered the property of the property owner and protected by vandalism laws. The website says on the homepage:

"Don’t these sign thugs know that purposeful damage to personal property including vandalism & graffiti is a gross misdemeanor and punishable by up to 90 days to one year in jail with fines reaching $5,000!?"

Once inside the website, the contact page asks visitors to leave their name, email, phone number and a message, they will "get in touch with you shortly." KATU television news was able to speak with the site administrator, who is based out of Tacoma, and he informed them the person behind the website wishes to remain anonymous.

It would take too long to list all the examples here, but in the Tri-Cities a person caught stealing, defacing or otherwise destroying campaign signs can be charged with third-degree theft or vandalism, which is a misdemeanor.

We think the point of the mystery person is we all have the right to peacefully and reasonably display our opinions. A 30-foot neon sign touting our political choice that keeps our neighbors awake at night? Not reasonable. But cardboard or wooden signs in our yard or at our place of business? That's a part of the American political process and is protected by our freedom of speech.

It's just common sense, people.