Are you a fan of the app Nextdoor? Are you even familiar with it?

Nextdoor is very useful to neighbors. It's a wonderful way to stay connected with what's happening on your neighborhood. Whether it's a problem, something new, yard sale, vaccination map, whatever, the app is incredibly helpful in staying connected to your neighborhood and others.

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Check out what I just saw today on the app. One of our neighbors in Tri-Cities shared something she actually found on Facebook and shared it with us on Nextdoor.

Credit: Brenda Niehaus-Nextdoor App
Credit: Nextdoor App

Saw this on Facebook…great idea! I saw this idea somewhere, I hope whoever came up with it gets due credit. Great idea! Our neighbor is older and lives alone so I gave her 3 colour pieces of paper for her window which faces our kitchen window. Green is for I'm OK, yellow for need help with an errand, and red for emergency. I call it Isolation Communication 🙂 Let's all look out for each other people.

My husband and I are the youngest on our block in Richland. We check in with our neighbors from time to time, sure, but this idea is awesome. We plan to bring this idea to our neighbors and see if they'd like to use a system this.

I love the app and I love the people on it. New users join every day. It's FREE. It's user-friendly. And, it's all about neighbors working together.

You can learn more at Nextdoor.

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