Technology can save you some time and wasted drinks perhaps?

A new app made by Weepo shows you the ratio of women to men, or men to women, in a bar...before you go there.

According to the manufacturer, younger people are becoming increasingly tired of going from bar to bar, only to find fewer men, or women depending upon who's seeking whom.

Weepo allows you to check the ratio before you go. So if you're a dude, you can find out if a bar is crawling with ladies, which of course increases the chances of having a drink thrown in your face. For women, the same except now you have more chances to shoot somebody down.

But New York area entertainment and social study experts say women are increasingly flocking to higher-end expensive bars, which have higher cover charges and drink prices, while men are now gravitating towards lower-end cheaper places. This app allows you see where the 'targets' are.

However, it does NOT allow you to find out if anyone in the bar will find you annoying or offensive. That's still up to your personality, and how much you drink.

The company says so far over 50,000 people are using it, and they say it will practically guarantee you "will meet somebody" tonight.

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