I periodically scan the long lists of proposed legislation that streams through Olympia during the Washington State Legislative session. Much of it could put you in a coma, other bills affect us very much.

But I came across one that would probably have aritsans jumping for joy, at least some of them.

House Bill (HB) 2568 would establish a 'new' form of a liquor license that could be applied for by businesses where people go to paint, sculpt or do pottery. According to Washington Votes, it reads like this:

It would create a special type "art activity" license that would go to businesses whose primary purpose is to provide art instruction to the public. So, in theory, you could sip some wine or have a beer while you tackle your dream to become Van Gogh.

The bill was introduced by GOP Rep. Carolyn Eslick of Sultan, WA.  In reality such a bill could be potential boost to such establishments, especially here where our huge wine industry could be linked to art oriented businesses.

At last update the bill had made it to committee (House Committee on Commerce and Gaming) and is headed for a 2nd reading.  That shows promising progress.

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