The 2nd job I ever had in radio was for KWHT and little Country station in Pendleton Oregon so I spent a year in the adorable little town and Home to the World famous Pendleton Round Up Rodeo...

The Pendleton Round Up officially began in 1910 and is the longest and largest Rodeo in the west! You're going to love the new commercial for Pendleton Whisky which features sweeping view of the Pendleton area and of course cowboy's letting 'r buck at the famous rodeo grounds!

According to the Pendleton Whisky story:

Created to celebrate the spirit of the American Cowboy, the Pendleton Whisky brand honors a heritage that inspires us to live boldly, drink well, and taste the moment, wherever we may be.

Based near the Cascade Range in Hood River, Oregon, we blend Canadian whiskies to achieve the inspired variations in flavor and character found in the Pendleton Whisky collection. Starting with precise barrel-aging in hearty American Oak and finishing with glacier-fed waters from Mt. Hood, we’re introducing whisky enthusiasts to the easy drinking style that cowboys have loved for years.

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