At first glance, the new Washington State vaccination law that went into effect for dogs, cats and ferrets across WA state January 1st appears to be significant.  But the big question:  how would the state enforce it?

Without any stringent pet registration law,  the new measure is large unenforceable.  Now,  most would agree rabies shots are just a smart idea for your domestic pet (although dog or cat rabies is almost unheard of these days)  but the state requiring it is perhaps over reaching.   While some counties already had such laws,  the new state measure makes it universal.  But so far, no enforcement system exists to make sure it's followed.  For example, officials with Spokanimal, the Inland Empire animal control operation, has nothing in place, nor will they, to make sure law is carried out.  They say it's up to the individual pet owner to vaccinate their pets.  Critics say it would be better for emphasis campaigns to remind pet owners to vaccinate, rather than a "toothless" unenforceable law.