Kennewick police revealed Thursday that several credit card skimmers were found and removed from some gas pumps in the area, but some citizens are upset the location has not been revealed. And apparently the skimmers have become more sophisticated.

Police say the skimmers were discovered, have been removed, and some disturbing information has come to light. Authorities say previously, when credit or debit card skimmers first appeared, they were externally attached to gas pumps.

Now, they say internal skimmers are being found inside some of these pumps. The skimmers not only clone the card being used so thieves can create a 'ghost' card in that person's name, but they also capture the PIN number. This makes it easier to create fraudulent cards that can be used to empty a person's bank account.

These new skimmers allow card access to ATM and other financial cash accounts.

After news of the skimmers was released, a number of citizens were posting on the KPD Facebook page they were upset the location where the skimmers has not been revealed.

Police say even when using a debit card at a pump, run the card as credit. Don't put in your PIN number. The card will still run as debit, but will protect the PIN. They say detectives are closely investigating and monitoring these new developments.


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