A great journalist who worked with the legendary Hearst Newspapers in the late 19th. century once said a dog biting a man was dull, but when a man bites a dog, that's news! This is fairly close.

The Sunnyside Daily News reports a woman is facing additional charges after biting the forearm of an officer after she was booked into the jail. Why she was booked was not revealed, but an officer stopped by to see why she was pressing herself up against the cell door.

When he opened it to check on her, she tried to push her way out past him. Another officer responded to help, and Regina Marie Palomarez bit him on the firearm, breaking the skin and drawing blood. The officer was treated at the Sunnyside hospital and returned to work.

In an unrelated incident, Yakima County sheriff's deputies also had to put up with another unruly suspect. In that incident, a woman arrested on felony warrants began to force herself to vomit all over her cell, and in the process she spit on officers. She was subsequently restrained and the area, and officers, were cleaned up.