A person we know on Facebook posted a picture, we believe it's at a Winco Foods, of a box full of COVID 'vaccinated' wristbands. You can buy one.

Think about that for a minute. Now, a person's vaccination status is their own private business and their decision. But given some of the issues we've seen in Washington state concerning perks and benefits for vaccinated persons vs. non-vaccinated (discriminatory lotteries, ticket perks, and other prizes)  this is obviously from a company that has a lot of faith in human nature. The actual store display is below.

Facebook by permission of photographer
Facebook by permission of photographer
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The idea is to inform people that you've been vaccinated and you are safe. OK, noble idea. Makes sense. Cut the confusion.

However, and maybe it's just me, the first thing I thought of was, people will buy them just so they don't get asked in some stores about their status.

True, most stores are adopting the don't ask, don't tell policy. They have the signs saying if you're vaccinated OK. If not, please wear a mask and they leave it at that.

But these wristbands appear to be an opportunity for some to take advantage of. This picture got us looking and we located at least one (we did see a few others) company that are offering such products. It's supportstore.com and you can order a variety of styles and colors.

Perhaps some people will use these to try to take advantage of some of the 'perks' being offered to those who are vaccinated; however, most of the government and other goodies do require you to "show your papers."

You can also find lapel pins and other methods of displaying your status.  What are your thoughts on this? Would you buy one just so you can live a little easier without questions?


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