While campaigning in front of a number of gay-lesbian groups, Obama has called for the repeal of the Defense Of Marriage Act.

The act, passed in 1996, defines marriage as involving one man and one woman.  Obama, who supposedly endorsed gay marriage unexpectedly,  has mysteriously had a string of campaign fund raising appearances with such groups, raising about 21 million dollars.   He claims his administration has never gone wrong in extending rights and responsibilities to everyone, claiming his actions would strengthen families.  The entire announcement of his support for the idea appears to be planned, as he is making appearance after appearance at  fundraisers held by pro-gay marriage groups and other supporters.  Obama has never done anything "by accident"-everything he does is calculated to help him get elected.

 Obama is now trying to portray Romney as 'backwards' on eqality.   Critics find this interesting that Obama is now turning his back on the hundreds of millions of Americans who believe through Christianity that the scriptures do not support gay marriage, and he is threatening to alienate his so-called spiritual advisors.  His political record, if you look back to his days in the Senate, is filled with numerous examples of taking opposite sides on issues when it suits him politically, and electorially.

 Mercedes Schlapp, founder of COVE Strategies, and a former Bush Administration director of special media, had this to say online in US News And World Report:

"Over the last 15 years he has taken opposing positions on this topic. First he favored legalization of same sex marriage in 1996 when he was a state senator and then changed his position to court Christian voters in 2008. And now in 2012, he is back where he started. This type of evolution is not Darwinian but Machiavellian. He has played both sides: one moment he is distancing himself from gay voters and the next he is misleading the Christian voters."