The White House says it's due to the budget being in limbo, but experts say otherwise.

President Obama has cancelled his upcoming 17 day Hawaiian vacation, because, according to White House sources, the budget battle is still in limbo, and the battle over the extension of the payroll tax.  However, sources in Washington have leaked information that Obama also chose to stay home after being publicly shredded by GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney for choosing to vacation for two and a half weeks while so many important national issues were pressing.  However, Obama's family will go to Hawaii as planned.   White House officials disputed Romney's criticism of Obama, claiming if these pressing issues were not settled, the President had hinted he would stay.   But that tidbit of information was never previously released.  Obama, in a typical act of deflection, also 'warned' GOP leaders to stay close to D.C. as well until the issues are hammered out.

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