The apologist strikes again. During a visit to Australia, Obama again downgraded the US by saying our schoolchildren are behind, and underperforming.

Obama said he wants to "reform" the public school system, saying American children had fallen behind.   He also claims poor children don't get the support they need and are already behind when they start school.   Obama failed to mention that his own children attend private schools, though.  His daughters attend the prestigious Sidwell School, where Chelsea Clinton and other children of famous political figures have gone.   If he is such a champion of public schools, let him put his kids in the D.C. school system.    Prior to Sidwell, the Obama children attended a private school in Chicago.  While there is certainly NOTHING wrong with private school (that's not the argument here)  it is noteworthy of the hypocisy shown by the Obamas as their children have NEVER attended a public school.