Apparently amnesia has struck again in the White House.

At an official campaign stop for his re-election at a high school in Las Vegas Wednesday, President Obama addressed the crowd behind a podium that clearly displayed the official seal of the President Of The United States.

While speaking at Canyon Springs High School he also had in the background a sign on the backdrop reads "paid for by Obama for America." This is not the first time Obama's use of the seal has come into question.   Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was questioned by CBS News about use of the seal at non-official government events, and Gibbs told CBS "at strictly-political events we would not use the seal."

Maybe that's one of the reasons Gibbs was later replaced by Jay Carney. At any rate, it is considered extremely bad taste for an acting president to use the Presidential Seal at campaign events. No previous incumbent (even Clinton) tried to use the seal to gain additional credibility on the campaign trail. While some say it's an oversight, when taken in context, it's not really.

This is just the latest in a long line of subtle examples of the arrogance of the administration. It was only after he came under fire several times from critics that Obama began to follow the tradition observed by both former Bush presidents, Clinton, and others of wearing an American flag lapel pin.

There was also the much publicized photograph of Obama at an event in New Mexico where Hilary Clinton, former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and others are seen holding their hands over their heart for the pledge of allegiance during the national anthem - but Obama's hands were clasped in front of him. Similar photographs at other events have been widely published in the media. There is also the practice throughout the early days of his administration where he bowed before numerous foreign leaders, infuriating millions of Americans.

One or two isolated incidents are not a big deal, but a steady, subtle -- and sometimes not so subtle -- string of events can only make one shake their head and wonder just how high the narcissism level is coming from the Oval Office.