The name Barry Soetoro might ring a bell if you watch the show "White Collar."

Barry Soetoro, the name used by Barack Obama as a child, has resurfaced on a popular USA Channel TV show. "White Collar" is about a con man, thief and forger who (after being captured by the FBI) agrees to supply information and help the Feds catch other criminals in exchange for not going to prison.

This season one of the major characters -- a conman named "Mozzie" -- has taken on an alias (apparently for protection from bad guys) and fled to the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of African. The name Mozzie has taken on happens to be Barry Soetoro -- the name Obama used when he attended a school in Indonesia in 1967. His stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, registered Obama as Barry. His registration card lists him as an Indonesian citizen, born in Honolulu, with Muslim listed as his religion.

This new name was introduced as the show kicked off it's fourth season,  in an episode called "Wanted." The  writers are vaguely appearing to draw some ties between the Barry on the show and the Barry in the Oval Office. In the episode, Barry is accused by a coffee shop owner of trying to unionize his workers and he utters the phrase, "Viva health care." The producer has hinted via Twitter that there will be more of Barry as the fourth season of "White Collar" continues.

If the writers and producer wish to continue the comparisons, then the Barry on the show will find a way to bail out businesses using taxpayer money,  work in 187 rounds of golf and put solar panels on every roof in town. But then again,  if they really want to make Barry on the show like the one in the White House he'll need to be absent in half the episodes because he'll be on vacation.

"White Collar" has won a number of awards and draws in a sizable audience.