Remember 'Octomom?'  The flaky woman who shot to fame for spitting out babies to the tune of 8?  She's been dropped by her management team for being, well, a flake.

Nadya Suleman, who using fertility drugs cranked out the 8 babies, to go with others she already had, was reportedly raking in money last year (over 70k) from appearances, and facebook and twitter activities, as well as her u-stream web account.   Her management team, led by Gina Rodriguez, said she was great most of the last year. But in recent months they would book her for appearances, but at the last minute she would drop out.  Her team said she found every conceivable excuse.  She also became more demanding,  would not reply to anything work related, and expected to get paid for texting and twittering about topics, ala Kim Kardashian.  Rodriguez said despite that, Octomom would complain she did not have the money to pay her bills, despite the $70,000 they helped her earn.  Her twitter, u-stream, and facebook accounts (paid for and managed by her team) have been deleted from the web.   Members of the team finished by saying they felt sorry for the children.   Kinda proves that Octomom was just in it for the celebrity status.

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